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Best Sports Blog > jaihomalaysia.blogspot.com
Jai Ho means may victory be yours. ...
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Best Sports Blog > www.runnersmalaysia.com.my
We inspire and encourage Malaysians to enjoy a healthier lifestyle via running. It is not a complicating mission statement but to get some tangible results in having younger Malaysians taking up running as their regular exercise program, we ...
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Best Sports Blog > blogbualsukan.blogspot.com
Selamat Datang ke Blog Sukan Malaysia dan Antarabangsa. Sekadar berkongsi catatan berkaitan dengan sukan. ...
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Best Comics Blog > completelyseriouscomics.com
Jesse makes the comics. Leo made the site. ...
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Best Comics Blog > dontlikethatbro.blogspot.com
He spends his time drawing cartoons of his friends and embarrass them to no end. Thank God they have not killed him in his sleep yet. ...
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Best Shopping Blog > missocd.com
We believe in providing a perfect fit for petite women. Standing out, leading crowds & having our voices heard is what we are all about. This inspires us to bring in hand picked styles with a touch of quirk and edge that will set us aside a ...
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Best Gossip & Entertainment Blog > loong-updates.blogspot.com
Loong-updates.blogspot.com & Facebook Page Malaysia Events and Updates were formed since 2011 and both have been prominent blog and facebook page in spreading and disseminating events news in Malaysia. ...
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Bertepatan dengan tagline New Media For Islamic Entertainment, Munsyeed{dot}com mula memperluaskan skop liputan yang lebih besar. Kini Munsyeed{dot}com bukan sahaja melaporkan berita dari industri nasyid bahkan merangkumi seluruh aspek hibu ...
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Best Foodie Blog > www.j2kfm.com
Born, raised and used to work in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. Relocated to Kuala Lumpur/Selangor since Dec 2010. I have a strong penchant for good food, an even stronger desire to travel, and naturally, rant and ramble incessantly on any topics u ...
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Best Foodie Blog > ccfoodtravel.com
We call ourselves, C&C. We are the two editors of CCFoodTravel blog. When we started the blog, we had little idea that blogging would take off like it did, and now our blog is full of our own personal adventures and experiences throughout t ...
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Best Gadget & Technology Blog > www.sapiensbryan.com
I decided to make this blog a place for both IT literate and non-IT literate readers to update themselves regarding all sorts of IT information. Previously, i was writing articles about latest IT news but then i found out there are too many ...
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Best Travel Blog > j-travel.blogspot.com/
This blog basically is a travel and foods guide of Malaysia and Asia, and provided with the Garmin GPS coordinates. Hope you enjoy your reading! ...
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Best Travel Blog > www.danarif.com
The names Danial Arif. A guy with many dreams but traveling the world tops my list. A Malaysian who loves traveling & photography. I grew up in the Malaysian state of Kedah, north of peninsular Malaysia. Had my early studies at Sultan Abdul ...
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Best Lifestyle Blog > gurlgemini.blogspot.com
Lifestyle blog by Oshin ...
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Best Sports Blog > wangerrard.com/
Blog wangerrard.com ialah blog penyokong Liverpool dari Malaysia yang berkongsi berita terkini Liverpool dan Isu Bola Semasa ...
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